Pros And Cons Of Raising Chickens

Are you wondering if you should raise chickens? You should know what the pros and cons are before you make a decision. This article will discuss the pros and cons. With that said, we’ll start with the pros, which include:

1. It’s Affordable- The chicken itself doesn’t cost that much money to buy and the maintenance involved is affordable too. If you compare the costs of raising and maintenance involved with keeping a dog or cat, then you can easily see it’s cheaper to raise a few chickens. This is because chickens tend to not be picky with food and you can feed them leftovers from dinner and so forth. A bunch of layer mash will probably cost you around $2-$3 per day, which is very reasonable.

2. You Can Get Stuff From Them- When we say you can get stuff from chickens, we mean things such as eggs, meats or ornament. If you want eggs, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s rare you’ll find a chicken that doesn’t or can’t lay eggs. Let’s not forget to mention eggs are a good source of iron, and you can sell the eggs or use them for yourself. When it comes to meat, every part of the chicken is edible, but if you don’t want to eat your chickens, then keep them as pets.

3. Low Maintenance- Chickens are low maintenance and they don’t need a lot of attention, nor do they need to be groomed. You also don’t have to bring them to the vet to get shots and vaccines. You simply feed them and make sure they have clean water to drink daily. You’ll also want to clean their coops about once per week, but you might want to do it more if you have a lot of chickens.

4. Free Fertilizer And A Great Pet Control Agent- Chicken raisers love that their chickens peck on anything that catches their interest or when they are hungry, which means they eat many types of insects and worms. Insects and worms are treats to chickens. Not only that, but their feces is considered natural fertilizer, which means you get free fertilizer when you own chickens.

Those are only a few pros. There are a few cons. Don’t worry though because there aren’t many. The cons of raising chickens include:

1. Not Good Guard Pets- Sure, chickens make noises, but they don’t really make noises when they spot something suspicious. Chickens eat, grow and lay eggs, and that is all. If you want a guard pet, then chickens are not the animals you can to get.

2. They Are Messy- Chickens are very messy and their feces smells horrible. If you don’t like cleaning up after animals, then chickens may not be for you. You can easily spend a few hours cleaning up after chickens, when the time comes to clean their coops.

3. Sickness Spreads Fast- When one chicken is sick, the chances are the other chickens will get sick. For example, if one of your chickens get the flu, expect your other chickens to get it too. Also, if one chicken dies due to being sick, then the other chickens will possibly die from the sickness too.

Now you know the pros of raising your own chickens. You also know what some of the cons are. It is up to you as to whether or not you should raise your own backyard chickens, but make sure you weigh both the pros and cons before making a decision.

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